A surrealistic and dreamlike new take on the classic American road story, this experimental film follows the overlapping encounters of five strangers as they struggle to exist in the American desert.

Constantly shifting perspective, the fractured narrative revolves around a poet, a hitchhiker and three motel rooms. In a series of warped, image-driven episodes, the archetypes of the American road story are deconstructed in action, dialogue, intent, and ultimately meaning. Reduced to a series of actions and only minimal dialogue, these representations of the American promise of freedom on the open road disintegrate into paradoxical fantasies of improbable escapism, perverse sexuality and futile violence.

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) is a genre-bending road movie intended to disrupt the typical viewing experience of an audience. As a fractured narrative, it forces participation in piecing together the mosaic to construct the meaning of the film and the connections between the characters. The film is a journey through the subconscious of both the characters onscreen as well as viewers in the audience, indelibly imprinting unique and stunning moments throughout its brief but intense 55 minutes.

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